With the new cannabis legalization laws in place for those who belong to such states, buying marijuana from a legal establishment is a new concept. Here are a few tips to prepare you for your first visit to the marijuana dispensary. By following these you are sure to have an enjoyable experience.

1. Do some Research

Dispensaries can be a little crowded at times, with long queues and longer waiting time. So, a little advance research will save your valuable time. Whether you are a newbie or experienced, it’s easier to make a quick purchase when you have decided on what type of effect you want- relaxed or uplifted. In this age of online businesses, many of these dispensaries have websites showcasing the products they have. Some of them even highlight their specials or best sellers, making your decision quicker.

2. Carry ID

As per the law, you’ll be allowed to purchase cannabis only if you are 21 years or older. Some dispensaries don’t even allow people below the age to enter, unlike the liquor stores where the underage person can hang out in the store while an adult makes a purchase. So, remember to carry your ID as it’s mandatory to show.

3. Plan out your payment method

While cannabis has been legalized at the state level, it’s still illegal as per federal law. This has been a concern for some major banks and credit card companies, causing them to withhold their services to the marijuana dispensaries or people dealing with the cannabis industry. As a result, many of the dispensaries have a “cash only policy”. It’s best to carry your cash, but some dispensaries do have ATMs installed in their marijuana dispensary.

4. Do not Touch

As a customer, one is offered samples of the marijuana buds to examine. You’ll be tempted to pick up the beautiful bud to smell and squeeze it, but don’t. To elaborate here’s an example, you wouldn’t want a bunch of strangers touching the food before you eat, similarly, some people may not like it when others touch the bud they would be smoking later. Have faith that it’s as sticky and fragrant as it looks.

5. Trust your Budtender

Budtender has deep knowledge about cannabis. As they are dealing with marijuana and its products, they have a good understanding of this culture and are highly trained. One may have years of experience as a consumer, but a professional Budtender has devoted their time to learning about cannabis. At the marijuana dispensaries, their job is to guide you through the various strains and their effects. You can ask them any questions you may have even the silly ones are welcome. Let them be aware of any medical conditions you may have and whether you are planning on uplifting, relaxed or sleepy vibes to get the type that suits you the most. They are patient listeners. Be respectful to them as they are being patient with you. Most importantly, pay heed to their advice as they know their stuff better than anyone else.

6. Tipping

A common question one may have is, should I tip my budtender? Budtenders are a part of the service industry. When you are at a restaurant or bar, it’s customary to tip the waiter or bartender usually 20% of the bill. Similarly, as a way of expressing your appreciation for their patience and effort showed towards you while making the purchase it’s cool to tip. However, the Budtender is going to provide you with the best possible information and services regardless of the tip. If your visit is quick and it’s just for a small purchase then, around 5% of the bill can be given as tip. But if you have spent a lot of time asking questions and he has shown you a large variety of strains while giving you the details of its effects, then a higher tip may be more appropriate.

7. Wait to light it up

Buying the legal stuff sounds exciting but do bear in mind that even though it’s legal there are laws against public consumption like alcohol. We understand that it can be hard to contain the excitement, and you may want to light it up as soon as you step out of the door. But if you want to continue to purchase from this dispensary or have some gratitude for the services they provide, help them stay open. As it’s important for them to be a good responsible neighbour to remain a welcome member of the community. It is no more acceptable to smoke in front of the dispensary than it is to drink in front of the liquor store. Take some time to relax and unwind in the perfect setting.

To make a seamless purchase and have a smooth first-time experience, visit the marijuana dispensary with ATMs in New York. These machines provide you with instant cash 24/7 so that you can buy unlimited amounts of marijuana without worrying about payment.