Your ATM machine drives business for you. Even if it is not your primary source of income, it does add a lot of significance to your overall revenue. Therefore, it is important that you make the most of your ATMs, especially during festive seasons. Below are a few ways you can entice more people to your ATMs during special occasions:

1. Design Attractive Banners

Whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Halloween, make sure you are promoting your brand at every customer touch-point. And when it comes to your ATM machine, do not leave it as is. Design themed banners and wrap them around your machine. This is a great way to attract customers to your machine and increase foot traffic to your store.

2. Re-Design your ATM Display

Your ATM machine consists of a small display screen which customers interact with to complete their desired task. By making changes to your display, you can find new ways to engage your customers and promote your brand. Create small advertisements that are creative, compelling, and entertaining so that your customers can retain your brand’s information while they are waiting for their transaction to be processed.

3. Create Festive Slips

When your customers make a transaction through your machine, they get a slip of their account details. This receipt can be designed in a way that it not only promotes your brand, but also makes your customers feel special. If it is Christmas, add Santa Claus and Christmas related images on the receipt so your customers remember you for your efforts.