More than 10 billion transactions are performed through ATMs in the United States every year. This means that if you install an ATM at your business space, you can enjoy increased revenue. Let’s take a look at a few ways ATMs benefit businesses:

1. Provides Commissions

An ATM machine is not just there for offering service to customers, but it is there to help both customers and businesses benefit. The number one perk of having an ATM at your business site is the commission that you earn. Upon every transaction made through your machine, you get to earn a few bucks that you collectively decide with your ATM service provider. This means that an ATM helps you earn more money every time someone withdraws money.

2. Saves you from Transaction Fees

Having an ATM at your store keeps you from accepting credit cards. When you accept credit cards, you have to pay a transaction fee to the bank for the service that you are using. Therefore, with an ATM in place, you can save the money you spent on credit card payments.

3. Attracts more Customers

Another way ATMs help businesses generate more revenue is by enticing more customers to their stores. When you have an ATM onsite, more people visit your shop. Whether they are buying from you or using your ATM service, they are adding to your revenue stream. When you don’t have an ATM at your store, more people are likely to leave and not return, resulting in decreased sales and commissions.

An ATM machine can open new doors of opportunities for businesses looking to earn more money without deviating from their core operations. And if you choose reliable ATM service provider, you will not have to deal with anything other than the increased foot traffic at your store.