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Why buy an ATM when you can get one for free?

What are the Benefits of Our Free ATM Placement Program?

When it comes to buying an ATM, not every business has the kind of money. However, if you have luckily stumbled upon us, you can get an ATM placed at your store without paying any money. ATMs New York is dedicated to offering businesses the most beneficial solutions. Our free ATM placement program is designed keeping in mind small businesses that cannot invest in their own machines. By opting for this program, businesses can get an ATM on their site for free. This program is not a scam and is free of any hidden charges. All you need to do is give us a call to find out more about qualifying for the program. Once approved, you will get an ATM placed at your business space for free. There are multiple benefits of choosing our free placement program including the following:

Enjoy Free Delivery and Installation

The biggest benefit of our ATM placement program is that you get an ATM placed at your site completely free of cost. This means that our technicians will not only deliver you the machine, but will also install it in place so it starts to function immediately.

Earn More through Surcharge

If you are looking to earn more money through an ATM without having to pay any money, you must get approved for our ATM placement program. This program allows businesses to earn more money in the form of a surcharge deducted from customers’ accounts after they make transactions. The money you earn from the surcharge will help you improve your business offerings while growing at a continual pace.

Free-of-Cost Repair and Maintenance

Apart from free placement and installation, we also offer free repair and maintenance for your machine. We have a team of highly qualified repair technicians who will head to your location after noting down your complaint. These technicians will them assess your machine and perform required repair task without asking for fees. We also perform routine maintenance so that your machines can run without any trouble.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Having an ATM placed at your business space is not only a way to generate more revenue, but is also an addition to your customer service. When your customers will be able to perform cash withdrawals at your store and make purchases easily, they will be more satisfied. This increase in customer satisfaction will result in boosted brand image, allowing you to expand.

Learn More About Our Impressive Program!

If you would like to get an ATM for free, get in touch with us to find out more. Our program is especially designed for businesses that cannot afford to purchase an ATM. the cost of purchasing an ATM is high, but with our free placement program, you can avoid all types of costs and enjoy an increase in your business revenue. By calling us on our helpline, you can talk to our expert who will guide you through the process. After qualifying for the program, you can tell us the date you want your machine delivered and we will get right to it. Our technicians will then install and program your device at your desired location free-of-cost.

Stress-Free Monthly Payments

Don’t be scared of the monthly payments as we collect our service fee from the surcharge earned from the customers. This means that you don’t have to pay us anything for the exceptional service you receive.

Grow your Business with our Free ATM Placement Program!

If you want to generate increasing revenue and open doors to new opportunities for your business, choose us to get an ATM placed at your business site for free. By qualifying for our free ATM placement program, you can see a boost in sales, profit, foot traffic, and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Do not let this impressive opportunity slip out of your hands and give us a call. You may also fill out the form given below to qualify:



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